Cubase LE4 - PC with no internet - use with USB-eLicenser?

I’d like to run Cubase LE on a laptop PC that will never be connected to the internet.

Here, , it says:

6. Is it possible to activate a product on a computer without Internet connection?
A computer which is not connected to the internet can not be used to activate a SeL-protected product. Unlike the USB-eLicenser whose licenses can be managed independently from the computer where the software products are installed onto, it is not possible to create a SeL with licenses to use it on another computer afterwards. This is due to the fact that an SeL is bound to the hardware where it was created on.

3. Is it possible to transfer licenses from the SeL to a USB-eLicenser?
Yes, this is possible since version of the License Control Center (LCC) and with all versions of its successor eLicenser Control Center. An internet connection is required for the transfer and activation of licenses. A license transfer from USB-eLicenser to SeL is not possible.

So I can do this? …

  1. install LE4 on an internet-connected PC
  2. activate it there
  3. transfer the license to a USB eLicenser
  4. uninstall LE4 from the internet-connected PC
  5. install LE4 on the (no-internet) laptop (or any other PC)
  6. use it there with the USB eLicenser

    Assuming that’ll work, is there some kind of very-cut-down/minimal installation that I can do on the internet-connected PC? - just enough to get the license.

Once you have the license on the dongle, you can install LE4 on as many computers as you want, only the one with the dongle installed will be able to run it. You’ll have to install Cubase to get a re-auth # from eLCC to do the license download and transfer.

Well, now - here, , I just found this:

Please note:
If you own a USB-eLicenser, licenses for Soft-eLicenser products can also be activated on or transferred to a USB-eLicenser. Using this option allows you to work with the Soft-eLicenser based product on a system without an Internet connection.
Simply install the eLCC separately on the Internet computer without installing the complete product. To do this, download the latest installer for Mac and PC here.
Now, just connect the USB-eLicenser to the computer and start the eLCC. Enter the Activation Code and choose the USB-eLicenser as the target device.

I’m not sure I’ve fully understood the procedure for getting the Activation Code, but that seems to be saying I could get the license on a USB eLicenser without having to install LE4 itself on the internet PC?

Perhaps I’ll give it a try to see what happens (probably has to wait a week, now).

I was going to suggest same but didn’t think the Auth# would generate without the product installed. Should work, I guess.

Thanks, mashedmitten.

Once I’ve given it a try, I’ll post in this thread to say what happened, in case it’s useful for anyone else doing similar.

Something else that I’m not clear about - LCC versisons and “Microsoft Net Framework” …

SB recommends using the latest version of the License Control Center (LCC), but, for that version, the eLicenser website says “Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0 required”. I don’t know whether the laptop that I would put LE4 on, which runs WXP (SP3), has that installed, and I’m not sure whether my internet PC (also WXP) does, so I’m wondering whether I’d have to make sure it (or a later version) was installed. To begin, I’d probably just “suck it and see”.

HOWEVER, SB says you need LCC version (or later) to transfer licenses from a Soft eLicenser to a USB-eLicenser. I’m provisionally assuming the same applies if you just want to put the license directly on to a USB eLicenser. On the eLicenser website, there are old versions available to download, including (seemingly later than - and, for that, it doesn’t say Microsoft .Net Framework is required. So, I’m aiming to download and install that version on my internet PC, with the intention of using it to get the license into the dongle.

Perhaps when I install LE4 on the laptop, an older version of LCC will get installed - and perhaps that won’t recognise a license in a dongle? If that’s the case, I’ll try replacing the installed version with a downloaded

BTW, OT … In this thread, MIDI Routing Explain Request. Revised - Help! - Cubase - Steinberg Forums , filterfreak said that, to run C6 on WXP, you need .netframe 3.5 + sp1.

I hope this all turns out as simple to do as I was expecting. I’ve earmarked a low-cost refurbished old laptop to use for uncomplicated MIDI & audio recording and not much else. I’m regarding it rather like a hardware recorder (never to be connected to the internet) - I’m hoping that, once it’s set up and working, that’ll be the end of software installation, etc.

I have a permanent license for LE4 on my dongle. You may need the latest eLCC to transfer the license to it, but I use the last Syncrosoft LCC which doesn’t require the NET Framework to run. You can get it at the eLicenser site. I’t been a couple of years since I went through the process, but IIRC I used that legacy LCC to do the transfer too.

Thanks again, mashedmitten.

Once it’s done (probably in about a week), I’ll come back to this thread to say what went easily or caused problems.

Done, now.

Surprisingly easy …

… except that I’d forgotten that you DO have to let a driver be added by the standard Windows process that starts when you plug in the eLicenser, for which no driver is yet installed. :blush: So I inappropriately cancelled the driver installation, assuming that the License Control Center software (LCC) installation had already taken care of that. Consequently, I was, for a while, concerned when the LCC software reported that no eLicensers were found. But that was cleared up by plugging the eLicenser in again and letting the driver installation go ahead.


  1. Installed LE 4 on laptop and, using the 30-day demo mode, made sure it was working OK with the required audio and MIDI hardware.

  2. Got LE 4 Activation Code via MySteinberg: keyed in by hand (in MySteinberg) the Soft eLicenser (SeL) number that came up in the LCC on the laptop; received activation code.

  3. Bought eLicenser.

  4. Installed LCC version (the latest that doesn’t say Microsoft Framework 2.0 is required) on the internet PC. And allowed Windows to install appropriate driver when eLicenser was plugged in.

  5. In LCC on internet PC, with the eLicenser plugged in, ran Wizards | License Download; copied the received LE 4 activation code (step 2) and pasted it into LCC. “Next”, etc, in LCC, to get license downloaded into eLicenser. (With only one eLicenser plugged in, the LCC skipped the option to choose the “target” eLicenser, and went straight to the download screen.)

  6. Unplugged eLicenser from internet PC and plugged it into laptop; allowed Windows to install appropriate driver when eLicenser was plugged in.

  7. Checked that the version of LCC ( that was installed with LE4 did show the new eLicenser and its LE 4 license (below the SeL’s 30-day demo license).

  8. Started LE 4 - it ran, reporting “LCC” instead of details of the demo license.

  9. Ran (previously downloaded) Cubase_LE_4.1.3.853_hotfix.msp to update from the installed v4.03 of LE 4.

  10. Restarted LE 4 and got the following disconcerting message:

Application ‘Cubase LE’ has caused the following error:

Class not found:

The application installation is not complete. Please reinstall application or update protection device driver.


  • Click to abort.

but LE 4 went on to open OK.

(Appears to run OK, though not yet actally used following the introduction of the eLicenser and the hotfix.)