Cubase LE4 problem

I have cubase LE4, which came with my Lexicon Alpha unit. I used it for about 6 months and enjoyed using it. One day I opened cubase LE4 to click on an unfinished project. It froze…I had to restart my computer to close the program. I tried uninstalling the whole package, then reinstalling…When opening Cubase, I got a window:“Audio input not activated…Click on DEVICE SETUP and make sure device name is selected, and check box in first column.”
I clicked ok…cubase finished opening…I clicked DEVICES pull-down…selected DEVICE SETUP…It froze again…Had to restart to close program. Any ideas? I really liked using the software.

I would download the most current device driver for your Lexicon and install it. I think there’s a possibility that it might have been corrupted.

Thank you so much… Any advice I will take, because I loved working in cubase and was going to upgrade just before this happened. I did notice, while reinstalling, with the dvd, a window came up, saying “Chose the options you wish to install…” One said “user’s manual”…The other said, “Drivers” Both were checked, BUT, the Drivers option was lighter print than the other…Does that mean the driver option was not available for some reason?.. Could my antivirus or fire wall be blocking some important download??? Thanks again.


I would download the ASIO4ALL driver at their site

Then set your connections as described in the link on my signature.

Meanwhile, which driver are you currently using?

Sounds like good advice. I did install the newest alpha driver shown on their site…Didn’t help. I was talking to a pro audio guy recently, and he brought up an interesting possibility. He said that cubase LE4, being a free version with the lexicon alpha purchase, it may have been just a trial version, and meant to expire after so many hours of use. If so, maybe that would explain why reinstallation didn’t work… I will try your suggestion though. Thanks again.

I don’t think LE4 “expires”

LE 4 works 30 days or something like that, during or after that period it has to be activated to operate permanently.

Thanks again for all the help.
Question? If I download the ASIO 4ALL from their site, I need to activate it in the DEVICES/DEVICE SETUP dialog of cubase program…How can I do that when everytime I click on DEVICE SETUP, if freezes? Or will the download allow me access to the tab?..
Also, if that were to fail, are their other ways to reactivate cubase LE4?

My Steinberg. Activation & Reactivation. Cubase LE4. Permanent Activation if you never requested an original activation code. Reactivation if you need a new activation code. Follow the directions shown.

Thank you…That makes a lot of sense…I never reactivated cubase after the reinstall. I’ll bet that is it!
QUESTION, though… I took your advice. I couldn’t reactivate… It asked for my NEW soft elicenser #…I only have the original #, it doesn’t except that one…Do I download a new one ?

Also, after crashing the program in attempt to use it, do I need to reinstall it again, before reactivate?

****In other words, in Steinberg reactivate mode, it is asking me for my old activation code and my NEW Soft elicenser number…I entered the code no problem, but it wouldn’t accept the elicenser number, because it is the old one.
AND, to get a NEW elicenser number, the license control center says I need a new activation code… Hmmm…Any ideas?

Idea go and contact support via mysteinberg support request form.

Good luck to you.

Greetz Bassbase

Thank everyone for their help. I really do appreciate it… Another question. I recently tried the cubase elements 6 trial version, and I like it a lot. It just ran out, and I bought the disc to permanently download it to my computer… My question is… Do I have to get rid of all my files from the trial version before I insert the disc, or just insert and have at it? AND…If I want to go back in and fiddle with the trial version pieces I created, will the new download let me do so?

I might be wrong but I don’t think you need to do anything except enter your new activation code in the eLicenser Control Center.

I downloaded the Elements 6 trial version a few weeks ago. Then I purchased the permanent activation code through the Steinberg shop. Entered the new activation code and continued to use the software as I was. The trial version must be the full installation because I never received a download link for a new install package. I’m assuming I just use the trial installer again if I ever need to re-install.

If you haven’t uninstalled anything from the trial just try entering your new activation code and it should update your trial licence to a permanent license. I say should because I’m not 100% certain. I did it before my trial license expired. I don’t think the expired trial license would have anything to do with the actual program being installed. I would think you could just continue on with your projects from the trial period.

So, as far as I know, you shouldn’t need to re-install anything if you haven’t uninstalled anything.

Here’s another cubase puzzle I have run into. I now have cubase elements 6, and have installed the latest update. I like it a lot. I have about 4 unfinished projects going. My question…I was working on one project, and decided to add another audio track…When I pushed the record button, nothing happened, cursor was still. “Play” worked…I panicked and went to my other projects to see if they would record. They did.
I tried restarting the computer, but for some reason, that particular project won’t record anymore? Only 4 tracks to the current project…Hope I don’t have to start it over, but…OH WELL…

Anyone have that happen?

Your transport panel should look like this. Notice the red circle


If it doesn’t click the little Sync button in the white box.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll check that out.