Cubase LE4 - Problems re-loading onto another computer

I have copied the Cubase folders from my old laptop onto my new one & when trying to open the program it tells me to register first. As I am already registered, I log in & successfully register -

'Your eLicenser with the number *********************** was successfully registered.
This eLicenser contains the following regular product licenses:

Cubase LE 4’

So I download eLicenser to enter the activation code I got when 1st installed on old laptop. It finds the product yet nothing appears in the eLicense and the message

‘Currently there is no eLicenser connected to your computer etc.’


I have searched the internet & forums for the answer to this & I just keep going around in circles.

Do I need the original installation disc to get Cubase onto the new laptop(can’t find it) or will simply copying the folder across work (can’t find a file to install Cubase) or does the problem lie with the eLicense?

Suggestions please.


Please Reactivate your Cuabse.

Still going round in circles -

to re-activate I need to get license - when I enter old license it says there is no elicenser connected to your computer…etc.

So where do I get a license from? Where do I get an activation code?


You shouldn’t enter license, but Soft-eLicenser Number. The Reactivation process was simplified and it’s very streamlined, now.

In your MySteinberg account, select MyProducts > eLicensers. Open the tab of the old Soft-eLicenser and click to the Reactivation button here. Then enter the new Soft-eLicenser Number and Reactivate. Done.

In my ac - elicensers shows soft license with activation code.

Clicking software activation asks for new e-license code - where do I get this from?

From eLCC application. The question is answered directly on the webpage, where you are asked for the new Soft-eLCC Number.

You are being very patient with me but I get this -

Please enter the new Soft-eLicenser number. A reactivation provides you with new Activation Codes for all contained product licenses to download them again via the eLicenser Control Center after a reinstallation of the operating system or the switch to a new computer.

Where do I find my eLicenser number?

Your old Soft-eLicenser number is:


When reactivating, the registration of the original Soft-eLicenser and the corresponding licenses will be deleted.
You will receive new Activation Codes for these products:

Cubase LE 4

So what do I put in the field where it asks for new soft elicenser?

Put the new Soft-eLicenser number (of your current system), which you can find in the eLicenser Control Center application, please.

When I enter that I get this response

There is no eLicenser with this number.


Mabe try eLicenser Helper to generate a new Soft-eLicenser Number.