Cubase LE4 Project File Deletion

Hello, hi. This is my first post on these forums, anyway

I’ve been recording an EP on cubase le 4, and it’s nearly done. Just opened up the project to finish mixing the final song and everything has disapeared. No audio files or tracks are in the project, it is completely blank, as if I deleted everything, including alll the tracks. In the folder for the song, there are still all the project folders, containing (seemingly) all the data, i.e audio, edits, images. They’re all full of stuff and I do not believe any of that has changed or been deleted. What I want to know is, how can I get it back? Is it possible? Did the program glitch or was it my own error? (I remember it working perfectly last time I looked at it, several days ago) Is there a way I can get it all back with all my settings and presets? Hours of work had gone into it already.


If the project actually opens and all project files seem to be intact, can you try to “Save Project to New Folder…” (File menu)?

Is it just the one project that won’t open correctly?