Cubase LE4 Score trashed on update

I needed to use my old copy of Cubase LE4 for some midi score work on Win 7 x64 so just installed it on my upgraded pc and reauthorized it ok - I used to have it installed a couple of years ago on XP before I upgraded the OS/Hardware.

The version on the DVD is 4.03 (OEM with a zoom FX pedal) and score works fine, the symbols show up correctly. yay!

However, when I upgrade to Cubase_LE_4.1.3.851 it trashes the score fonts completely and I get complete gibberish.
I trawled the forums and tried applying the refresh windows/fonts suggestions and no success.
I tried all the suggestions and the score remains rubbish. The fonts look correct as well. Score is trashed.

I uninstalled Cubase LE completely and reinstalled the 4.03 from CD and score is now fine again.

Any suggestions as to how I can get the latest 4.1 upgrade and then the latest hotfix without it trashing the score functionality - which is pretty much the only reason I’m using it atm.


Nobody? (can I get an upgrade to a version that works then please?)