Cubase LE4 Upgrade

Years ago, I got free LE4 and started a recording project that has worked great! Until now. It is freezing and unresponsive. I must hard shut down Cubase and then get a blue screen on my computer. I edit quickly and have a lot of audio files, so it crashes.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate. My audio interface is M-Audio Profire 2626.

Can I simply upgrade to a newer version easily and then use my current projects? Please advise which version I can jump to easily with Windows 7 Ultimate. Thanks.


I would recommend you to download Cubase Elements 9.5 Trial. You can try it out, is it works too you. My guess is, it’s more on hardware/driver side. Blue screens are mostly HW/hardware.

If it works to you, you can upgrade to Cubase LE 9.5 or Elements 9.5, as you wish.