Cubase LE4 VST problem (Macintosh)

Hello guys,

I got some VST instruments for my Cubase LE4 (Mac) and sure I would like to use it.

So I got the .sit file before extracting. I have classic VST plugin file with white lego brick logo with Cubase on the one side after extracting. I moved these files into:

Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST
User > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > VST
And when I create Instrument track there’s only HalionOne. What more can I do to have the chance to use new VSTs? By the way I updated the Devices > Plug-In information.

Thank You very much.

Are you sure they aren’t installers you need to run? Did you point to the location via VST2.x Paths in Plugin Info and re-start Cubase?

Thanks for your respond. Yes, I’ve done exactly what you told me but it still doesn’t work.

It’s a basic VST Plug-In file. It’s some kind of VST like Muon Atom and so on…

What file extension are the files?

I have file extensions enabled and these files don’t seem to have some, but it still looks like that:

A VST plug-in file isn’t it? But in Finder it has no file extensions + it opens Cubase after click.

From what I could find, that’s an ancient plugin that may no longer be supported. Try going to kvr audio and downloading a plug and following my earlier instructions.