Cubase LE4/Windows 7 64-bit NO INPUT SIGNAL

I have been using Cubase LE4 for more than three years now. I have ALWAYS had problems setting it up initially for use (same issues with Vista 64 bit).

No matter what I do, I get NO input signal from my microphone (direct input into my on-board sound through the motherboard).

For some reason, usually after about 30-40 hours straight of changing every setting, downloading a million things, something makes it work. It’s usually off and on, but it works somehow.

I am using Windows 7 64-bit Ultimate, fully updated.
Cubase LE 4 fully updated.
My motherboard drivers (including bios) fully updated.
I downloaded ASIO4ALL and it’s fully updated.

No matter what recording program I use, there is no input signal, even though Realtek (the software that comes with the drivers for my motherboard) detects when I unplug or plug in my mic. (I know it’s working).

I follow the “getting started” guide to the letter.

I delete the default bus and add a new one.

I change the vts settings to ASIO4ALL and select the proper settings.

Once I try the set up which, as per all instructions and indications should work, I then try all sorts of bull I find on the internet.

So far, since reinstalling Cubase today, I have not be able to get it to work.

I am quite at the end of my rope here.

Could someone with some knowledge please walk me through this? I’m computer literate, but this is insanity.

This is my only hope and I really need this to work for my business and personal needs.


Did you set up the correct inputs in VST Connections? If this is so mission critical, then break down and buy a proper ASIO compliant souncard instead of patching junk with ASIO4All.

Thanks for your reply.

I did set the correct inputs (though I neglected to mention that in my post).

Will a dedicated sound card fix this issue, in your opinion?

Yes. Have you tried trashing Prefs?

Which prefs and what am I changing about them?

I agree with mashedmitten . Time for a “NEW” Soundcard. :wink:

Like a Steinberg or Presonus. I use a Tascam US-1641
Lot’s of people here use Tascam’s US-122 and US-144’s

Jack :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Thank you Jack!

I’ve put buying a proper sound card on my list.

I appreciate the suggestions too, because (although I’ve built my own comptuers for a long time) I’ve never bought a sound card (always had decent enough on-board sound).

I’ll look into those models, thank you!

No one sells those cards near me.

What would you suggest are the compentents to look for? I know nothing about bit rates or sample rates… I don’t use a surround sound system (just two speakers and a subwoofer) so do I need to have a 2.1, 5.1 or a 7.1 system at all? I’m really over my head on this one.

All I need to be able to do is plug in my analog mixing board (through 1/4 inch jack or I can plug my 1/4 inch into my 1/4 to 1/8 converter) for vocals and electric drums. I run my guitar and bass through usb directly to the computer. I only record one instrument at a time.

I would like it to be internal and good for recording sound and also under $125 if possible.

What about this card?

Any suggestions?

No no no

Get a proper soundcard with good ASIO support, there are plenty. Any good web shop should do.

Like this for the UK

Thanks for the advice…Which soundcard on that page are you suggesting and why? Again, I no nothing of the specs of sound cards (bit rate, etc.). I know I need Asio support, but I can’t find a good sound-card buying guide anywhere that tells me what else I should be looking for or avoiding. Are people saying that external is much better than internal?

If you go firewire, make sure you have a Texas Instruments chipset.