Cubase LE4 won't recognize my soundcard

“ASIO cannot detect hardware properties.” is the mesage I get when I try to change the driver in Device Setup/VST Audio System. I’ve uploaded the most recent Saffire driver from Focusrite’s own site, updated my Saffire firmware… what’s misfiring here? :open_mouth:

Firewire port faulty? Firewire cable faulty, Firewire interface/chipset not compatible?

What OS? Which Saffire?

If it’s Firewire and Windows 7 64, have you switched to the “Legacy” Firewire driver as outlined here … ?

Also, Focusrite suggests TI or VIA for Firewire chipset.

Thanks all. Went back and loaded Steinberg’s LE4 update “hotfix”, and it worked… :neutral_face: Now if I could only get the click and my Halion One parts to produce sound.
MacBook on OSX (10.6.8) BTW!

Scab, it’s just the white “Saffire” from about 4 years ago; as opposed to the Saffire LE, or Saffire Pro. :slight_smile: