Cubase LE5 and Sea Sound Solo

Hi -
I have a Sea Sound Solo setup on my computer that works fine (able to record and playback) using Cool Edit software.

I recently picked up Cubase LE5 and I am not able to get it to receive the audio input from the Sea Sound Solo. I have gone through the steps to point the LE5 software to it and I am able to play audio back through the Sea Sound Solo. But I am unable to record through it. I’m thinking there is a software setup setting I am missing. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong? Thanks for your help.


bp – that’s a pretty old interface isn’t it? What driver are you using – have you tried asio4all?

Hi icyb - Yeah, we bought it in 2001. Still works well, just would like to use it with updated software. I am running the most recent driver for it. I don’t know much about the asio world. Do you think the driver at the link you provided will work? If I try it, can it cause problems with my system?

Thanks - bp

it’s safe to try it, your system doesn’t use it at all unless you specifically tell it to. Install it, then launch cubase and select it as the ASIO driver in device setup. Then open the asio4all control panel (should’ve launched in your taskbar when you switched the driver in cubase) to enable all your in and outputs. If you want to stop using it, simply switch the driver to another one in Cubase and you’re set. The driver isn’t used at all for things outside of Cubase.

Success! We’re Wheels up and Flyin’ - Thanks!