Cubase LE5 and Yamaha MW8cx- PLEASE HELP

I have Cubase LE 5, I got it with a digitech effects pedal. I want to use mics etc when recording so I am using my interface which is a yamaha mw8cx. The yamaha came with cubase AI4 but the computer with it on crashed, so i am using it with this cubase LE5. I have cubase le5 set up, butwhen i got to device setup, select asio direct x full duplex driver, click on control panel, and then select 2 usb audio codec, the only ports that are recognised are the two out usb audio codec speakers, and none of the in ports appear. My question is, firstly is it possibly to use my yamaha with cubase le5, and if so how do i set up the ports. I would appreciate it so much if someone could help me its driving me mad, and ive spent all day trying to fix it.
Thanks so much

Use the appropriate Yamaha driver ;
( under " Support " tab on that page )