Cubase LE5 download?


You can download Cubase Elements Trial. If it would work on Cubase Elements, it would work on Cubase LE too. It’s the same executable.

On the Cubase web page, you can see the editions comparison chart to compare Elements and LE.

As I’ve said before - Im trying to make this happen by friday, so I can record a friend’s band over the weekend. So a trial isnt exactly what I’m going for currently. Can you please locate a link for the Cubase LE 11 upgrade page?

It seems LE is not in the list of available to purchase softwares.


You can get and start Cubase Elements 11 during few minutes. So if you need any Cubase urgently, then the Trial version is way to go.

As I wrote already, I don’t have direct link to LE update. Sorry.

Okay thanks. How is it so hard to find a link to purchase one Steinberg’s products lol. Do thy not want my money? Hahah

Just an fyi, Cubase LE is not sold, it’s included with devices, so you cannot buy it at all.

Cubase Elements is the version with the lowest cost.

Hmm okay i did not know that. It definitely was not clearly stated anywhere! Thanks for the fyi. :slight_smile:

Uhm so that begs the question; what is the real differences between LE and Elements? And if my interface was purchased and supported by LE, will it also be supported on Elements?

These questions are asked and answered almost every day here on the forum. Please do a search, or go to the Steinberg website and find the Comparison chart.

ok thanks. I’ve seen the charts. They’re relatively the same except LE is slightly better in almost every way.

No where does it answer the question about whether or not my 7 year old interface will be supported by this new software

That is definitely not the case – I am not sure how you came to that conclusion.

Please start a new topic with a specific question that you have. This topic is not the place for them.