Cubase LE5 - inccorect email for registeration

Hey all,
i’m new to cubase, i just insert the installation disk and started the registeration process…
i made a mistake and put a wrong Email and got this message " Activation email sent successfully "
how do i edit the mail address ? i can’t find the button…
i tried to start everything from the begining but it still the email address cant be editted … :unamused:
please advise…

I suggest that you create a new mySteinberg account using the correct email address and submit a support ticket that explains your situation.

Regards :sunglasses:

I can’t open a new steinberg account ! it allways brings my back to the page with the old email and i can only resend the mail :frowning:
where do i open a ticket for it ?

If you can’t open a new one then just go into the one with the wrong email address and click on the “My Support” button to create a support request. Explain your situation and submit from there.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi, I’ve done the same, but its with a incorrect email thats not mine, I can’t create it either, so I’m stuck not being able to create account, meaning I can’t get support either. Any ideas? Its really weird it doesn’t allow you to change it.

I suggest that you contact them at the email listed at the bottom of this link. Good luck.

Regards :sunglasses: