Cubase LE5 Language Setup

I’ve just installed Cubase LE5, but the program in in Japanese. Is there a way for this program to be set in English? My Japanese in not quite at the proficiency required to understand the program applications.

Thanks in advance.

You WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE young man ! :laughing:

That is … watch what language you have set as defult for your OS. I think it relied on that for install.

Try going to PREFERENCES and hope your understanding of kanji is good enuf to find GENERAL settings to change languages !

Good luck !

Don’t mind me, I am one to have slipped on my tongue every now and then. :wink:

Thanks for the advice, I’ll soon find out if this will work.

There is no settings for a language. My OS is Japanese so I cannot change my OS language setting either. There must be a way to ave this program in English. :open_mouth:

Hopefully this image gets you more results.

Nah this doesn’t help…I am also running the program on windows 7, so the options could very well be different. There is no preferences tab in the program…or at least something similar to a preferences tab. My wife (who is Japanese) also can’t find a preference option.

I’ll have to ask support directly on this problem.

Thank you for your time,

I have e-mailed Steinberg, but they have not replied as of yet. I would really appreciate if there is anyone who knows about this issue.

I found the tab to change the language. I am now ready to record! Thanks for your help once again…it was a matter of clicking on all the buttons that I didn’t understand and finding out where they lead me…it actually didn’t take that long to do. :wink: