Cubase Le5 Mac songs to Windows 7 Cubase 7.52

How do I load Cubase songs made using an Mac with Cubase Le5 on to a PC using Windows 7 and Cubase 7.52 and how do I make a hard drive usable by both Mac and PC.

Mike001 :smiley:

For the drive to be usable by both mac and PC, format it as FAT32. The issue you may have is that file size limit is 4GB when you do this, but other than that it will be the most compatible arrangement, with no extra software needed on either OS to read and write it.

Once you’ve done that, they should just load up without issue.

Thanks djaychela,

Will give that a go.
Unfortunately I think the songs are bigger than that as the guitarist is running the Mac system.

What software do you need for conversion between the two OS.

The song can be bigger than 4GB, that’s not a problem. The individual files can’t be bigger than 4GB. 4GB is the filesize limit on a FAT32 system.

And I’ve nevers een a single track above 4GB. Not saying it’s not possible, but hardly likely :wink:

Yeah, as said above, that’s for a single file, not the entire thing. I was just being completist when mentioning it - I’ve never had an audio file that big… even when someone sends me something that’s 192kHz, 32-bit!

You don’t need any software to convert between the two OS-es; the files will work on both. Just format the drive as FAT32 - in Windows it’s visible in the format dialogue box, can’t remember where it is on a Mac, but once it is then you can just copy the entire song to a folder on the drive (if you’re not sure where all the audio files are, use “backup project” and put that on a new folder on the drive), and then open it on the PC.

Any third-party or Mac-only plugins you’ve used won’t get loaded, but if it’s all steinberg or cross-platform free stuff you’ll be fine.


I introduced our Guitarist and Singer to the delights of Cubase about a year ago and the amount of multi tracking they have done is shocking on 14 songs.