Cubase LE5 Missing Licence

I got a TASCAM US-122mk2 that was bundled with Cubase LE5
I followed the instructions (for obtaining the license) up to the point that:
-eLicenser control center is open
-Soft-eLicenser shown on the eLicensers list
-no licenses at all

I tried registering the eLicenser online but th website says that there are no licenses
What do I do?

Sim situation, soft elicence # won’t jive and I got an “activation code” sent immediately from Steinberg and that didn’t work either.I could not go any further and the activation failed.There are contact options ,I’m using a Zoom R24 also had Cubase bundled and never went to use it till today and no go. I am phoning them tomorrow, there are support options, but they end January 5 2015 for CUBASE