Cubase LE5 Missing Plugins/Effects

I have installed Cubase LE5 program onto my Windows XP (32 bit) operating system. For some reason, the program is missing a majority of the effects that normally would come with the software. The only effects that are loaded/listed under the inserts tab are 1) Distortion-Da Tube, 2) Dynamics-Midi Gate, 3) Filter-Step Filter, 4) Modulation 5) Other, 6) Restoration. No other effects are listed in the Plug-Ins (missing everything else like reverb, chorus, delay, etc…). I did receive the ISO file from Cubase, burned the new disc and have attempted to un-install and re-install the program numerous times (using the original disc and the newly burned ISO file disc), but it still will not load with the complete list of effects. I know the disc that I have is OK, because I was able to install Cubase LE5 on one of my other computers (Windows 8) and it loaded everything just fine (so, I know it’s not the disc).
Does anyone have any possible solutions with getting the complete Cubase installation on my Windows XP system (this is the system I want to use as it allows drivers for my Tascam 1641)? Can you think of any reason why the program won’t load the other plugins (reverb, chorus, etc…)? I do also have Cakewalk Music Creator on this same computer. Would there be any conflict with that? I am just trying to get some answers as I don’t understand why Cubase won’t install properly on my Windows XP system.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.