Cubase LE5 Newbie

I recently purchased a Tascam US1800. I am trying to record my drums. I tried to use the tutorial that comes on the Cubase disk but was unable to hear the ‘bass track’ that was supposed to play. I have 8 mic’s hooked up to my Tascam. I think I have configured the input/outputs properly and the VST. I also downloaded the ASIO4ALL driver. I am currently using Windows Vista. I really have no idea about recording as you all can probably tell. I am trying to go ‘by the book’ but I must be missing something. Thanks to all responses.

I’m sorry, is the bass track audio or MIDI? Let me ask this, what ARE you able to hear?

I believe audio. I was trying to get through the tutorial that is on the Cubase CD. There are instructions to click on the Bass Audio on the CD.

Could you post screenshots of the:

  1. Project Window (main screen with all the tracks) with your track’s inspector visible

  2. VST Connections F4

  3. ASIO4ALL screen

We really need a good report of all the connections, inputs and outputs. It’s impossible to give you some miracle solution without a detailed description on your part. :wink: Things can really get mixed up with as many inputs as the Tascam US 1800 has.