Cubase LE5 not picking up Fatal1ty card in win7 64

It’s so weird,I installed Cubase LE5 last night running Windows 7 32 bit,went through regestering it. In devices it
picked up my Soundblaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Champion sound card just fine. It gave me all the inputs AUX,
MIC,LINE IN,WHAT YOU HEAR ETC… I was so excited after laying down several tracks. I decided to install Windows 7 64 bit to see if it would run better.
After that I re-registered it and fired it up.I went to the Devices tab and my Sound Card wasnt listed anymore!

I did however have an option for “Creative ASIO” so I activated that. I went to VST Audio tab and saw that my regular inputs aux,line in,mic,etc…were not listed,just Creative ASIO FL and FR. My guess is that Cubase for some odd reason wont ‘play well’ with Windows 7 64 bit, but works fine on Windows 7 32 bit(Which I hate!)

Any help or guidance in this matter would be greatly appreciated…:slight_smile:

Pepsi: I recently did a “TEAM VIEWER” session with
Steinberg and the Rep installed for me the 32 bit and 64 bit
versions of Cubase 7 on my Windows 7 64 bit computer.
They both co-exist – work great and sound the same even though
I do use the 64 bit version the most. Maybe try Emailing Steinberg
and setup a TEAM VIEWER session to.
The Guys know what there doing. :wink:

Jack :smiley: :slight_smile:

My guess is that your Soundblaster isn’t ‘playing well’ with Windows 7 64bit.

OK, so I installed the latest version of ASIO4all, and my Creative Card is now listed. However, when I recorded a guitar part on track 2 ( the backing track was on track 1) I played it back and the guitar part was off by about a quarter measure in latency. I moved track 2 back several times until it was perfectly aligned with my backing track… Is this an ongoing problem with Cubase or what? Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated…

PS I’m expecting delivery on Cubase Elements 6 any minute now :slight_smile: