Cubase LE5 silent on playback

I have just installed Cubase LE5 (OEM version bundled with Tascam 122 interface) on a Medion Laptop and have successfully recorded a solo guitar track.
My problem is that when i come to play it back, I cannot get any sound out of the computer. I ave tried several combinations of setings for the laptop sound devices.
Please can somebody advise?

What are you trying to hear sound from, your laptop speakers? You need to monitor from the Tascam phones or line outs and make sure the input/computer knob is on the computer side. Could be many things but that’s a start. Do you have an output bus assigned to the Tascam in VST Connections? Screenshots would help, if possible.

And there’s always the yellow “Monitor” button problem that everyone seems to have. “ON” to monitor WHILE RECORDING, “OFF” TO HEAR PLAYBACK (I know it seems counter-intuitive, but that’s the way it is).

Good Luck!