Cubase le5 unable to record multiple inputs ?


Im trying to record 8 tracks simultaneously from my motif XS6, after reading some posts in the forum im kinda getting the feeling that Cubase le5 can’t do this…am I right?

If so…which version of Cubase should I upgrade to in order to do this?


Hi and welcome.

Cubase LE can do this.

Open Devices > VST Connections > Inputs. Add busses (8x mono, or 4x stereo, or what is your configuration). Make sure, every bus has it’s own Audio Port selected. If not, change the settings manually.

Add 8 Audio mono or 4 Audio stereo tracks. Make shure, every single track has different Input selected. Enable Arm Record on all Audio tracks. Record.


Thnx for reply…will try that when I get home…

Shouldn’t cubase see the motif xs as n audio driver for it to work properly or no?
I’m not that techy… Sorry

Thanks for your help



I see, this is Motif XS. I think, this Motif doesn’t work as an Audio Device (sound card). I think you would need expansion card for Motif.

Do you have another Audio Device (sound card)?


I have a zoom R16…but I kinda got the impression from reading
On the forum that it could be done with cubase le5. So that’s why I
Was enquiring…



Read this forum, please. Bad_Mister (Moderator) wrote:

oh wow !

Thanks for the info…

On to the next set-up then…appreciate the help!