Cubase Le5 with lexicon alpha

Everytime i record I get this occasional pop and some kind of squelch/hiss which comes out on the recording. Those are most often accompanied by a sound which sounds like a digital jack hammer that takes place of my recording. I tried lowering volume levels and many other things. And i still cant record anything over 25 40 seconds with out those interruptions. Any suggestions?


This sounds like yet another case of low latency. On the ASIO driver your hardware recommends, increase latency all the way, which in turn reduces glitches. Your CPU may be overloading as well. Which VST plugins are you using? I would also check your setup for crappy cables. :wink:

So you mean inrease the buffering to the max setting? Funny, tech support told me to lower it. I am not aware of any VST plugin settings. If it something i have to apply then im sure im not using a one. Still trying to get this to record so I can figure out how to do the clip trimming and looping and punch ins etc… My lap-top exceeds the requirements needed to be met.

Well I thank you for your suggestions. I hope they will work. If you have any info on how to do the trimming on clips and punch ins I will be more than happy to listen.

No, I was saying to raise latency to the max setting which in turn lowers buffer size.

Here’s an advanced link concerning clip trimming. It seems overcomplicated to me, as all it really is is raising the faders so that you can get the audio as loud as possible without it clipping. (Reaching the zero mark)

Punch in and punch out are options in the transport panel that when activated will start and stop recording respectively when the cursor reaches the locators. You can find out all about that in the recording section of the manual.