Cubase LE5 with Zoom H4n

I got the zoom H4n a couple of years ago and also got Cubase LE5 (oem version) on CD. I don’t have a optical drive in my PC so I never used it. Now I would like to use it so I figured there should be others out there with the same problems as me, but I can’t find where to download it. And also, looking through all the papers that came with the H4n I can’t seem to find a product key/activation code for Cubase. Isn’t that required? I read somewhere that Cubase LE5 isn’t supported on Windows 10 which I use. Are updates to a newer version from Cubase LE5 free?

Hi and welcome,

Yes, the Activation Code/Product Key is necessary to activate your Cubase LE.

No, upgrade to the current Cubase LE 9 is not for free, but it’s very cheep, as far as I know. Unfortunately I don’t know the price, but you should get a voucher, once you activate your Cubase LE 5.