Cubase LE5 "Wrong Mac OSX Version"

Hi there

In point form for ease of reference this is my problem :

1 Some time back I purchased a Lexicon Omega USB Mic Interface and received Cubase LE5 with it.
2 I successfully used it on a Windows system
3 I have since moved over to Mac and am wanting to install the program
4 It tells me “Wrong Mac OSX Version” (I am running El Capitan)
5 Downloaded ‘Steinberg Application Installer Tool’ and ran it after inserting the Cubase LE5 disc in my DVD drive
6 It told me that no Steinberg products were found

I know LE5 is no longer supported and have found many similar posts in forums but have not found a workaround. Surely there is a way to use it with my Mac? I love Cubase and cannot afford to buy another version right now.

Please help :slight_smile:



I’m not sure, now. Was Cubase 5 64-bit on Mac already? Wasn’t it 32-bit only? El Capitan can run 64-bit applications only.

I have the same problem :confused: LE5 doesn’t work with my OS X 10.10.5


Did you use the Steinberg Application Installer Tool, please?

Now i used it but it says no steinberg products were found. any other ideas? Thank you.

I have the same problem. I recently purchased a Lexicon Lambda audio interface which came bundled with Cubase LE5. Despite my several attempts, I have not been able to download Cubase LE5. I spoke with a tech at the vendor Sweetwater who told me to use the Steinberg installation tool but this did not work either. The info. supplied with this tool said that it supported Cubase down to LE6, but not LE5. I found a post online that mentioned modifying the code in the installer but this is beyond my knowledge level. I can neither load the LE5 product nor register it. Can Steinberg provide a solution? Thanks.

I have the same problem. I recently purchased NI Complete Audio 6 and it came with LE5. I have the latest version of OS X EL Capitan 10.11.3. Cannot load.

Please help!

Same problem here.
Exactly the same.
Please help.
Thanks. :smiley:

I have exactly the same problem.
I just purchased a USB interface for my Mac.
It came with Cubase LE 5.
It does not install on El Capitan.

Support - is anyone listening?
Please help.