Cubase LE5 - Yamaha PSR-195 - MIDI setup

Hi guys,
Just recently got my very old keyboard out of the loft and noticed that it is MIDI enabled. Bought a couple of MIDI cables to connect it to Cubase LE5 through Tascam US-144MKii but I’m not having any such luck. I’ve had a look on the MIDI device setup and cannot find it on the provided list, probably as the keyboard is a very old model. If anyone could help me with this to help set it up in anyway that would be super appreciated. I am a genuine beginner with all of this recording stuff, so any help would be absolutely fantastic!



Software: Cubase LE5
Audio Interface: Tascam US-144MKii
Monitors: Fostex PM0.4n
Microphones: Rode NT1-A/ Shure SM57
Keyboard/MIDI Controller: Yamaha PSR-195

You don´t need a MIDI device, simply connect your Keyboard´s MIDI out to your Tascam´s MIDI in, then set Cubase up as explained in the manuals.