Cubase LE6 and Zoom R16 interface issue

I have been working a few days now with the Zoom R16 as a interface and controller. Really like this function for home studio use. Installed the Cubase 6 Limited Edition supplied with the controller rather than use my existing DAW. I felt this would cut down installation issues and found this daw to have some very nice features so I have been working to learn all the “bells and whistles” it offers. My problem has been the Mackie control feature with the software. At times it recognizes the interface and the Zoom R16 is an option in the drop down box window for the Mackie controller but most of the time, not. It always connects with the interface for the ASIO driver and I can record and playback but I have to use the software and I really like using the faders and other features on the interface. Didn’t know if I was doing something wrong during the software or hardware interface setup. When it does connect, I’m not sure what I did to make that happen. Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated.


These things often are sensitive to startup sequence; always make sure all hardware is connected and on before starting Cubase (or even before starting the computer).

That’s the first thing I was thinking too. I have the Zoom R8, and when you power it on it defaults to standalone mode. You have to force it into USB mode to use it as a controller or interface, and if you do that while Cubase is already running, it won’t work until you quit/restart Cubase.

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That’s it, the sequence during startup is the issue. I guess when I did connect with the Mackie controller I had closed Cubase and then restarted it. Lesson learned. They don’t really address that with the Zoom manual.

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