Cubase LE6 no VST instruments

Can I apply Superior Drummer to a MIDI track in Cubase 6 LE?
I can’t seem to get it set up properly. Or is there no way to do that?




Are you trying to use it as a multiple out? I don’t think LE6 has the instrument “rack”, does it?

Try adding an Instrument Track. Does Superior show up as an available VSTi?

Or are you saying it shows up but you just can’t get it configured properly?

Going to need a few more details, I think. What have you tried so far?

Also, what is your Operating System (Windows/Mac, 32/64, etc.)?

Well, it does work with an Instrument track. But I really need to get Superior Drummer on the MIDI track and it does NOT show up. I want to record all the MIDI that my drum module sends so I can sample it afterwards. I’m running it on Mac.

What I have tried:

I’ve installed Superior Drummer
I’ve added it to the VST plug-in path and updated the list.
As it works with an Instrument track, I did do that correctly.
Added a MIDI track, but there is no possibility to choose a plug-in, only to browse. When I browse I cannot find Superior Drummer. So maybe there’s the problem?

I’m pretty sure you can only use it on an Instrument Track in LE 6.

Maybe another LE 6 user could confirm?

You would have to use a Cubase version released during this century to understand Instrument Tracks :stuck_out_tongue: .

Instrument tracks are limited to a single stereo out. Kind of a simplified hybrid audio/MIDI track.

The OP wants to use Superior Drummer as a multi-out VSTi, which I don’t believe is supported in LE 6.