Cubase LE6 on a Macbook Pro

I have just installed Cubase LE6 on my Macbook, and am having issues with the software. Basically, when I position the mouse somewhere on the screen, and click, the part of the screen that is selected is about 4" lower than wherever I click… Obviously, this makes interacting with the software somewhat troublesome…

Has anyone come across this problem before? Help, please!!

Presume this is a retina mac?! If so:

  1. right click on Cubase in your Applications folder
  2. Select ‘Show Info’
  3. Check the box for ‘Open in Low Resolution’

Re-open Cubase, all should be well.

Good folk out there. Real newbie so be very gentle.

I appreciate this my not be the correct forum , but all the others that I have tried to ask are locked!. Anyway. I installed Cubase LE6 on my PC about a year ago. Nothing but problems with the Alesis interface. Now I am getting more into this recording skylark, so I have now got a brand new MacBook Pro. OK loaded Cubase onto it and tried to activate licence. Of course I couldn’t because its already licenced to my PC!

So how do “unlicence” the PC and “licence” the Macbook? All this “e licence” and “USB e licence” stuff has got me beat. Hardly intuitive is it? :confused:

Can somebody help me out with step by simple step instructions how to “transfer” the licence from my PC to my Mac?

Look to the Knowledge Base at Steinberg.

Oh, and it’s rude to hijack threads.