Cubase LE6 update 6.0.7 error message!

I get this error message when I try to install the specific update:
c:\program files\steinberg\asio\asiodxfd.dll failed to register hresult - 2147024770
Any ideas?

What version and build of Cubase LE6 do you currently have installed? What operating system are you on? What hardware did you purchase LE with?

Thank you for your quick responce, I’m currently using Cubase version 6.0.3 build 347 on Windows 7 32bit.

I have only purchased for Cubase LE 5 with a Lexicon Alpha audio Interface but I have upgraded to LE 6 since then.

I would suggest updating to LE6.0.7 from

Try installing the free ASIO driver from Then shut down and restart the computer. Do you get the same error then?