Cubase LE7 and Scarlett CM25 - Playback is odd?

Hi all,
Sorry if this is in the wrong place.
I’m very, very new to Cubase. I have followed the Youtube tutorials to set it up, and have managed to get my headphones and microphone connected. However, when I record, the volume is all over the place in playback. Some parts will be loud, and it sounds awesome, some parts you can’t even hear. So it’s a shame it’s not consistent! I haven’t changed my voice dramatically either - it’s like it cuts out. Looking at the program, it doesn’t appear to show a drop in volume. I’m wondering if perhaps this is a mixing problem, as I haven’t fiddled around with any of the mixers or toggles, or another problem? Sorry for being a complete and utter noob when it comes to this, any help would be amazing. Thank you.

I have exactly the same set up, and I have exactly the same problem. I am also new - did you ever find out what the problem is?

Update: I noticed that when I had the mic plugged into input 2 it fades in and out all the time, when plugged into input 1 it works perfectly. When I have a guitar plugged into input 2 that works fine (no cutting in and out).

Any suggestions from anyone what this could be?