Cubase Le7 upgrade

I am wondering which cubase software I should upgrade to from Le7.
I need something that offers dynamic audio vocal mixing & mastering effects.
Have read up on Elements 8…
Can some one help me out?

Artist is a good program and though it has fewer features than full fledged Cubase, it is very good. Especially when upgrading from LE.

Cubase Pro would be the best for mastering and complex mixing, but Artist would still be decently usable for that. One advantage Cubase Pro has over Artist are the highly flexible and transparent CurveEQ and the Multiband Compressor, both meant for mastering and are capable of salvaging mixes that didn’t turn out so good in hindsight. Pro also has VariAudio, which allows you to manually edit and correct the pitch of vocal recordings manually, as if it was MIDI. Very useful and easy to use.

Cubase Elements 8 is definitely an upgrade over LE 7, and you can upgrade to Cubase Artist or Cubase Pro at a later date if you don’t have the money now. Keep in mind that Artist and Pro require an eLicenser USB dongle though.

Very helpful thank you!