Cubase LE7 with Zoom G3X output problems

I recently installed LE7 which came as a bundle with my Zoom G3X guitar processor.

Set it up and it records from the USB directly out of the G3X and I can monitor with headphone from the G3X.

The problem is, went I playback the tracks recorded, the sound only plays from the G3X output whether connect or not fr playback.

How can I monitor my project recordings through my PC/Laptop so that I get an output coming from the PC and into the monitors that I have connected ??

I feel a bit of ab idiot, but I just cant get it to work. I have not even got to the mixdown section yet, to save audio production. I have got my head around the Cubase software for recording, but I just cant find a way of getting the sound to come from my PC.

I would be so grateful if anyone knows the procedure and if anyone else has experienced the problem. I have put all recording on halt at the moment until I can solve the output issue.

Hi and welcome,

Unfortunately, this is not possible, by default. Only one ASIO Device can be selected as an Input and Output device. You cannot use one Input Device and another one Output Device. This is possible only if the audio device supports multi-client ASIO.

There is a software emulation of the multi-client ASIO: ASIO4ALL. So it should works with it. But be aware, this is not a real ASIO driver, please.