Cubase LE8 - how to edit the audio source files

Hi everyone, a complete newbie here…

recently I got Cubase LE8 included with an Allen and Heath ZEDi10FX mixer/usb audio interface.

At the moment I’m only interested in using Cubase as a multitrack audio recorder. I’ve got some test/play audio tracks already recorded and now I want to ‘get into’ the individual tracks to mute, crop, etc the actual audio waveforms.

I can’t see how to do this and don’t seem to be able to find the info in the manual.

In other audio recording software like audacity it is simple to select parts of an audio and mute (0 level), normalise, cut and paste clips etc.

How to do this in Cubase?

HAPPY 2017 and THANKS!


Hi and welcome,

For the very first lesson, try to follow official Steinberg YouTube channel, and Cubase QuickStart videos, please. Be aware, the videos are made with Cubase Pro. Some features are not available in your Cubase LE derivative.

thank you Martin, I think I may have found something about converting the audio to ‘parts’ befor being able to edit? I will be playing with Cubase LE8 again later today.