Cubase LE8 reinstalled: CAN'T activate code already used!

This week I bought Zoom B3 processor.
This came with free Cubase LE8 so I downloaded and installed on my Win7 PC, using the acces code.
By email I received the activation code, so I activated.
So far so good, then trouble began:

I downloaded the Zoom Asio drivers for Win764bits, but I did NOT succeed making it work in Cubase. How disturbing!
After a whole afternoon struggling with drivers and settings I couldn’t think of anything else but reinstalling Cubase.
Now it says I can’t activate because the code has already been used!

Double trouble! Can anyone make me happy again?


[hurl=ttps://]This[/url] is the way, how to reactivate Cubase. But this is necessary only if the Soft-eLicenser Number changes. I wonder, if this is your case.