Cubase LE9 AI Flanger Effect Help Needed

Hello everyone,
I’m working on a project and need advice on working with the flanger post recording.
I have the guitar track down and would like to achieve a flange effect (using the effects inserts in the track inspector) similar to that of the flange used in U2’s song Numb.
I’ve messed with the settings and also tried the various presets that are included but I can’t even achieve close to what I’m looking for.
Any advice on settings and such would be greatly appreciated.
I used to have an Electric Mistress and damn, I miss that old hunk of junk lol.


I can’t comment on how to get that exact sound as I don’t know how to get it but…

My 1st advice is to make sure your guitar audio is located on a stereo audio track. Not on a mono audio track. Some stereo effects don’t work (sound) quite right when inserted on a mono audio track. If on a mono track just create a stereo track and drag the audio to it. The file is still mono but, the stereo effect will work better.

For the reason above… I never record any audio on a mono audio track.

Regards :sunglasses: