Cubase LE9 and guitar rig. no signal

hi all,

been away for a few years but truing to get back into it, so bear with me…

I have Cubase le9 and am running emu tracker pre sound card and guitar rig 5. (PC laptop, win 10)

as a standalone unit, guitar rig 5 works fine.

I have used Cubase le9 to record superior drummers and piano fine. no issues on play back either through the emu.

when I open a track for guitar rig (fx track) I select guitar rig and it opens fine.
However there is no signal getting to guitar rig. The emu is working fine as the other tracks play back and record fine.

the midi trigger on the transport bar is zipping up and down as I play the guitar, so a signal is going in to Cubase.

can any one help?

I’m not really familar with the Guitar Rig software but… I’m pretty sure it is a VST effect that would be used to shape sounds created after (or while) you record a real guitar on an “Audio Track”. Not an “FX Track”.

Additional info… you need to set up the emu input being used to connect the guitar as a mono input bus in the CB VST Connections menu. Assign that bus to be the input for the audio track you record on. I would record on a stereo audio track (it still records a mono file) as it may work (sound) better when assigning a Guitar Rig stereo effect. Of course you can record to a mono audio track if you like but… you may get some issue with stereo effects sounding, what I describe as, “one sided”.

Also… don’t forget to assign the main stereo out channel to be the output on your audio track. One more also… don’t forget to enable the track monitor function to hear while recording and disable the monitor function to hear what you recorded.

Regards. :sunglasses: