cubase legacy solution

Hi, I downloaded cubase 3.1 and it will not install. It stops when it tries to install the syncrosoft protection driver, it sees the new one and stops installing. Advise please, do I have to stop the new driver/application? If so please tell me how, or what? Please advise

Have you updated the elicence to the latest version as recommended, before the install?

Install LCC in overwrite mode. There’s instructions at the eLicenser site.

As you have listed 8 GBs of RAM, I presume you are using Windows 7?

Last year I faced an installation issue when I tried to install one of the 3.1.x updates in WIN 7 - the 3.0 version went fine, but when I tried to install one of the updates (don’t remember the correct version number) the installation process was aborted.

Did you try the 3.0 Version? - If yes, what happened?