Cubase Legacy versions 5&8

Hi, I am hoping to download Cubase 5 and Cubase 8 as I have a few older projects I need to rework. I looked on the ‘unsupported formats’ page and I see that there is a Cubase 5 update and Cubase pro 8 update. Will these work or are they just updates to the versions and would I need the original versions to start with?


Generally projects from older Cubase versions (back to Cubase SX 3, if I recall correctly) open up fine in newer versions. So that’s always my first choice.

It gets messier however, if those projects really really need an older Cubase plugin that got discontinued in later versions. Or if the project depends on a bunch of 32bit plugins.

So if you really really want :wink: those legacy versions, you should be able to find them here:

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Please, scroll down on the page, where you can find the Full Installer or the ISO.

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