Cubase Legacy

Goal: Bring back cubase to its golden Age:

  • Generic non os linked fast C/C++ GUI
  • Focus on Midi hardware devices with virtual audio mixer path
  • Separate Midi and Audio engine
  • Non inclusive Midi and Audio engine (no os dependancy, neutral mathematical process)
  • Generic external plugins 16/32/64bit native support
  • No usb , third party software dependant protection (Serial Dongle)
  • No web inclusion , external collaborative platform
  • Heavily and easily customizable (including Midi/Device and audio remote)
  • Free upgrade of new function
  • Version free uses Cubase Legacy.000000x in order to keep the same name along all its life
  • The must of the must, direct hardware bootup (like with the atari ST)
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In which version of Cubase would you like to see these features?

In a new version, called Cubase Legacy.

Sounds absolutely viable.

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Of course it’s viable.
It’s the only way to save cubase users, because every respectable proffessional user only dream of the way to completly left the computer world for dedicated hardware just because they do want to make music and nothing else, whithout the need to change something.
When somethings works, never change it! Music is intemporal, so is dedicated hardware! Cubase legacy would be a computer like didacted hardware, therefor viable for a stable in studio software investement! As the digital world in music is sloly dying, vst are replaced by hardware, so cubase interest lies in a good stable, and hardware flexible sequencer and perhaps due to it’s cost virtual audio path for vst effect till the users have bought a reel mixer and analog effect associated! Don’t invest money in low lifetime gears and software, but in intemporal ones if you can’t afford the graal (Real hardward)!

In the past, even the future was better…


What things did having separate midi and audio engines enable?

Everything is cyclic…

Motu for example has separate drivers for the midi and audio.
And if i remember well 20 years ago cubase version did do the same!

I think a hardware daw might be possible in the future using tech along the lines of what ELK audio is doing

It would be very cool.


My mind is set for a couple of years, midiphy Seq 4 v+ with it’s matrix for fast realtime creativity + Cubase 7.5 XP it’s really a great sequencer for finishing tracks (make them written in the stone), and i love the sysex full integration at least on 7.5 also it should help me for some years till i get a full analog path which isn’t going to be easy because 12 8FX + 12 2 strip on the cubase audio rack. (but i should really get off my hand of digital audio processing as i 'm trying to do for audio listening which cut off/deform my analog synthetizers and use cubase what it was born for a digital midi hardware sequencer)

No good at all digital audio, square sinus are everywhere with this technology even with Motu’s raw 25Mghz oversampling input/output signal.

@ Giovanni_Buchelli
1000% with you, i would add make cubase free (free = make your music how you want on which hardware you want, no forcing to os upgrade)