Cubase Level Control Output Channel and display turn themselves down

Hello. I have recently ventured into making my own DIY MIDI Control Surfaces for Cubase.
While experimenting making basic push button MIDI Controllers to act as crude drum pads for use with Cubase Pro 11 on Windows 10.

I have encountered a problem with Cubase Pro 11 automatically turning down to min volume all channels including master vol.

This possibly may be to do with the manner in which my MIDI controllers are programmed,
as the one I am testing has only 4 buttons which transmit MIDI Note On Data
telling Cubase to play various MIDI notes with the chosen values at top velocity (127).

I tried the controller with various professionally created virtual instruments
and the Master Stereo volume has automatically turn itself down to min volume every time

I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this problem, ideally also with a solution.

Otherwise, I guess I can change the programming of the MIDI controller so that the MIDI velocity of the notes sent to Cubase is less than 127 and that when I add a virtual instrument
that I make sure that each instruments volume also isn’t at is highest value
(gain staging issue?)

Still, would appreciate anyone’s advice


Do you have any Remote Device defined in your Cubase? Does it use the MIDI Input port?