Cubase Lexicon Buzzing Noise

I really help someone can help…

I have cubase LE 6 and Lexicon Alpha audio interface, I use Mac and have recently had the upgrade to OX Yosemite…which I am beginning to think has messed everything up.

Every time I open an audio file, the CPU bar on the right lights up red with full bars and emits a loud buzz noise, so I can not hear anything back when i play back. its horrible! its a constant buzz like a bad interference. i didn’t have this a few weeks ago.

Hi and welcome,

It seems, you have a feedback. Could you describe your connection, please?

Hi, I am using Cubase 6. I have only connected my lexicon alpha audio interface with a typical in/line out connection at the back. everything was fine before my mac upgraded to Yosemite and since then when ever i log into cubase the volume bar on the main transport menu just lights up like a christmas tree.


Could you describe your VST Connections setup, and your current setup of tracks? How many Audio tracks do you have? What is the routing? Which tracks are Monitored? Which tracks are Record Enabled?