Cubase Library? Never used it...could you help bring me up to speed?


I just read “PleaseDontBanMe” 's comment in the “organizing cubase projects” thread and realized that I’m not using a probably powerful tool.

Could one of you guys/gals please give me a quick primer on the Library?


Aloha JACKnight,

After all these years (since 1993 Cubase 2.8) I too have never used the library
but after reading your post I did a lil looking at the manual and found this:

Working with Libraries
You can use libraries to save sound effects, loops, video clips, etc., and transfer media from a library into a project by using drag and drop.
To create a new library, select File > New Library.
You must specify a project folder for the new library in which media files will be stored. The library appears as a separate Pool window.

Now I think I have learned something new (to me).

I have sometimes wanted to use something from another project in the current one on which I am working.

I guess if I put something in the library I can grab it at any time in the future for current use.

Perhaps I have this all wrong but I’m am now off to give this a try!

tanx JACKnight


Thankya curteye!
After seeing that no one responded (before you than is) I did the same thing. I even have the pdf on my desktop and usually use it first. Sometimes you just want to hear a friendly voice chime in.