Cubase License Error

Hi there,
I am a newbie with Cubase Pro 12 but not with DAWs in general. I have Mac 15" 2019 - Catalina.
Whenever I open Cubase, I see the following notification:
“Some contents cannot be loaded. It’s not possible to find valid licenses or the time-limited licences are off.
HAlion Sonic Common Presets Content”

I followed the instructions in the site: it seems I don’t have the licenses for this content (which is strange because I didn’t install nothing more than “Cubase Pro 12” from the Download Manager) but anyways, I followed the instructions to eliminate this content: I went in my library manager but this specific content is not there! I couldn’t find it anywhere so I decided to search it manually in my sistem folders ( Local Disk/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Content) but, again, this content doesn’t exist at all in my computer! It’s like a ghost content! So I decided to run a script in my terminal which allows me to see “ghost” files in folders. And again, that “HAlion Sonic Common Presets Content” doesn’t exist anywhere.

That’s very sad, because every time I open up my projects I have to ignore that notification, which is very annoying.

Any help?


Please, try to search for any of these:

<string name="ShortName" value="HS SE SROne Factory"/>
<string name="LongName" value="HALion Sonic SE SROne Factory Presets"/>
<string name="ShortFamilyName" value="HALion Sonic SE"/>
<string name="LongFamilyName" value="HALion Sonic SE Common Presets Content"/>

Btw, make sure, HALion Sonic SE is up to date. And also make sure the Steinberg Activation Manager and eLCC applications are up to date.

Hi, thank you for reaching out. I only found
HALion Sonic SE SP
I tried to delete it but the notification is still there.
I also updated my eLCC and my HALion Sonic SE.
Still there.
Do you think it could be useful to unistall completely Cubase and then install it again?


No, HALion Sonic SE is Cubase independent. I would rather remove all libraries from the Library Manager and then install them again.

Ok thank you, I will give it a try.