Cubase/License problems


Maybe someone can advise why I started to get errors like shown below? I have all licenses

Also, Cubase stopped finding Groove Agent 5, Backbone and all other licenses I have except Cubase 12 Pro itself. I tried reinstalling VSTs, Cubase, and Elicenser seems nothing helps at all. All instruments are installed in the default location. Any suggestions on what to check?

hi - do you have Cubase 11 still installed on your system ?

can you try running that first ?

what version of the Steinberg Activation Manager are you using ? and when did the problem start ?

I’m wondering if this is related to the bug that was pushed on us via the latest Steinberg Activation Manager forced update ? (fix for that is promised early next week)

pinging @Ben_at_Steinberg who may be able to confirm

No, Cubase 11 is uninstalled. Cubase 12 worked fine all the time and I uninstalled Cubase 11 not so long ago. Now I think if the problem might be related someonw with C11 uninstallment.
Or maybe it is somehow related to that I had tried Cubase licnesing without dongle after the update. :confused: But now only Cubase 12 works without any other plugins like Padshop 2, Groove agent, Backbpne, and everything else.

Other DAWs don’t see these plugins as well. They are like not installed at all, even if they are still in the default vst3 folder

e.g. Retrologue


Maybe something is wrong with the installation path.

ok- important to differentiate between “not finding the plugin” and “not finding the licence”

what version of the Steinberg Activation Manager are you using ?

The problem is that Cubase doesn’t see installed native plugins like retrologue, padshop, groove agent 5, backbone, etc. :confused: Nothing i the Blocklist also.

Version is

I understand what you are saying but your first post says they were ‘unlicensed’

what version of the Steinberg Activation Manager are you using (your picture is of the elicenser control centre - with is different)

Please install the latest version of the Steinberg Activation Manager (1.4.10) and claim your Steinberg Licensing upgrade vouchers from your MySteinberg account:

You’ll still keep the eLicenser versions of your licenses. The Steinberg Download Assistant should also have updated versions of all 3 of these libraries. Please download them if you haven’t done so yet.

@Romantique_Tp Thanks a lot. Updated all I had. It solved the initial problem shown in the description’s screenshot.
@Dr.Strangelove Currently, version

I still can’t see any native VST instruments in Cubase (Retrologue, Padshop, GA5, Backbone) except Haloin Sonic SE . I probably missing something.

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great - the activated licences probably fixed the original licence issue. :slight_smile:

Can I suggest you start a new thread as this one is labelled ‘licence problems’ so people won’t necessarily read it.

FWIW - are those plugins listed in Plugin Manager ?