Cubase license says Pro 10.5 but in application only Artist

Hi, I’ve bought the full Cubase version in 2004 and have since upgraded almost every year.

Recently, I’ve installed it on a MacBook Pro and inside Cubase 10.5 it says “About Cubase Artist” and I’m missing the Pro plugins.
In the license center the license is Cubase Pro 10.5.

In Windows on PC it always worked as Cubase Pro (or equal).

Any idea how I can fix? Thank you.


Try to start eLCC and trigger maintenance, please.

Hi Martin,

thank you for your reply.

After reading your advice I did run maintenance and Cubase Pro works properly now.
I had done that previously immediately after the installation weeks ago but there must’ve been some issue.

Again, thanks a lot.


Like you, I’ve had Cubase for years, although only run it on Mac for the last couple of years. Like you, Cubase 10.5 sometimes opens up on my machine as Cubase Artist 10.5. Sometimes when this happens I get licenser errors and the only way to come out of this is to force quit Cubase. Sometimes I don’t get elicenser errors but Cubase is running as Artist not Pro.

I reinstalled all my licences onto a different dongle - same intermittent issue. I always run maintenance on my elicenser regularly. Tonight I have just updated to the new licenser issued on 7th January and the problem has returned. Intermittently.

Which MacBook ro do you have?