Cubase license system

Hi, just wondering, if i buy cubase element 12, can i use cubase element 11/10 allso ?.
I know, i can use cubase element
From 4-5-6-7-8, if i have cubase element 8 license, which i have on my usb elicenser, but with the new steinberg license system, maybe this is not possible , to actually buy element 12 license, then use for example element 11!.
Anyway, its not a problem, because, my trial cubase 12 is working perfect.

Later on , i will Definitely upgrade to artist or pro version, but what benefit, would i have from upgrade to pro version, i am not a guitarist or a singer, but using alot of virtual instrument for classic movie score thing or atleast to try, allso doing rock / pop / acid jazz, , new age, cover version, etc……

I really Like cubase sample track , so great, dont know if sample track can actually create
multi mapped / multi velocity samples virtual instrument ?.


Once you update from Cubase Elements 8, you will get Cubase Elements 11 (not upgradable) license to your Soft-/USB-eLicenser at the moment, when you upgrade your license. With this license you can use Cubase Elements 11 and lower. And you will get Cubase Elements 12 license, which you can use up to 3 computers.

If you would buy a new license Cubase Elements 12 retail (no update), you wouldn’t get the Cubase Elements 11 not-upgradable license. So you could use Cubase Elements 12 only.

You can upgrade to Cubase Artist/Pro now. It’s cheaper to upgrade from lower version to higher version + higher edition, comparison to the path of update to the higher version + later on upgrade to the higher edition. You will safe money if you upgrade at once.

Cubase Pro will offer you for example the (Project) Logical Editor, Expression Maps, Global Tracks… Please, see the comparison chart here.

Sorry, this is not possible.

Thank you very much for the answer.

I am sorry, i am a clown, i forgot to mention, that
i offcourse updating / upgrading , cubase elememt,
i wont buy a brand new cubase element license, instead i am upgrading to 12.

I think i will first upgrade my old cubase element 8 to element 12, then later on , upgrade to pro version 12, as you mentioned , its cheaper that way.

I think most of us have to get used to the new license system.

About cubase sampletrack, it is ok, if sample track
doesn’t have all these feature, because i still find sample track so easy to work with, even though i don’t know sample track that well.
Sampletrack is allso good for paste / cut / refine samples, so you can use them in Halion 6.
A perfect match, i would say.

I think what Martin was saying is, it is cheaper for you to upgrade from Elements 8 > Pro 12 than it is to upgrade Elements 8 > Elements 12 > Pro 12.

I think the idea of the Sampler Track is that it is quick and simple. If you are looking for more advanced features such as velocity layers, you can do this with Halion and Groove Agent.

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“I think what Martin was saying is, it is cheaper for you to upgrade from Elements 8 > Pro 12 than it is to upgrade Elements 8 > Elements 12 > Pro 12.”

Yes, thats want i mean, but when did built this new pc, i had to buy eveeeery thing new, because i couldnt use sparepart from my old pc, even the graphics card, is just to old, every thing was old, so my choice was to buy a whole new system which included win10, and my old tc electronic impact twin firewire doesnt play well with win10, so again i had to buy a new audio interface (ssl 2 plus), new ssd, i thought i could do away paying maybe 1500$, but eventually i paid over 2200$, ok no one wants hear that, ok, back to subject.
Thing is , i just need a working cubase , be it element or pro, because , cubase element 8 , etc, doesn’t work well windows 10, only win7.
For now my budget is small, but there is still room for an element version, and yeahh, i will upgrade later on.
There should allso be room for halion 7 upgrade, he he.

Is this documented or from own experience?
I personally never had an issue with an older Win7 application running in Win10.
I don’t think it is officially supported by Steinberg, for obvious reasons, but doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t work.

From own experince, unfortunately.

On my old pc, the cubase element 8, works well on windows 7.

On my new windows 10 pc, cubase element 8, sometimes freezes, sometimes buttons doesn’t
respons etc…

I had this new windows 10 new pc for a allmost a months now, installed lots of software, every thing just works perfect, even the cubase pro 12 trial.

Only cubase element 8 wont work properly.

Anyway, i dont mind upgrading to version 12.