Cubase license troubleshooting

Hello, i install cubase12 Pro and i want to move the license product from computer on usb eliceser. i dont see the product on elicenser control center, but it is in my account on steinberg licensing-based product. Please help!

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I’m sorry, you cannot move the new license system back to the eLCC, neither USB-eLicenser. Why do you want to do so?

Hello and thank you for quick answer. From the begining i want to put the license on usb but i dont now how to do it.

I buy the product a few years ago…it was Cubase pro 10 retail, when i install i receive update from 10 to 12. i do everything i know to install corectly the product and now license is on computer not on the eliceser


This is correct. Since Cubase 12 there is the new licensing system which doesn’t use the USB- or Soft-eLicenser.

One license can be activated at up to 3 computers.

Thank you…can you answer to another question please? if in time i want to crossgrade from cubase to nuendo i remain with computer license? i work with nuendo on diferent computers with my license on eliceser…sorry if i bother you!


This crossgrade change your Cubase license to Nuendo license. It remains on the computer where do you activate it. But as I said, you can use it on up to 3 computers at the time. And of course you can also delete the license from the computer and use it at other one.

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This has changed. When crossgrading Cubase 12 (or a later version, when it emerges) to Nuendo then you keep the Cubase licence.

If you crossgrade an old eLicenser based version of Cubase to Nuendo then you no longer have a Cubase licence.