Cubase license


It is possible to use Cubase on two computers but not the same time without move USB key ? Like Autodesk network license or many other products.

I use with other license this product but not know is ok with Cubase USB dongle. It’s OK ?

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No, the licence is stored on the USB Key. So you have to unplug the USB key from 1st computer and plug it to the 2nd one.

I don’t think, it will works with the Belkin device. I have TimeCapsule, which can share the USB printer too, but not the USB Streinberg Key.


I used and works fine with any USB dongle. Works fine with iLook. The problem is: Is legally for Steinberg ?


You can use Cubase on more (yours) computers, this is legal, if you don’t use it in same time. So I think, this is legal. It doesn’t meter if you connect the dongle to the computer directly, or to the USB HUB.