Cubase licenser message says it will expire when using licensed version of Cubase

I upgraded to Cubase 12 a while ago on a my new macbook pro but I am still using my Cubase 10.5 version on my old Mac and I get this error message when opening Cubase using my usb licenser. On my new Mac I have the activation manager (not sure if this is the right name for it but I don’t use my dongle on my new macbook pro)

Can someone please help me understand why i am getting this message? My version of cubase has always worked fine on my computer until today. I want to keep using my 10.5 version of Cubase as always on my old macbook


Could you attach the screenshot from the eLCC application, please? Make sure the Soft-eLicenser Number and the USB-eLicenser Number are blurred, please.