Cubase Linux for Cubase version 12 or 13 (or 14)

Really happy with how the development team are progressing Cubase and the direction it is headed, I feel the community and the devs have reached some sort of unsaid understanding of what Cubase is about and where things need to go deeper. Yes there are some issues here and there, and a couple bad development decisions - but this will all get sorted out I’m sure.

All in all, things are progressing.

I think as soon as Cubase really consolidates its modernization - all modern windows/menus, MIDI 2.0 incorporation, improved external FX, multi-track freeze, muti-track warp, continued improvement to CC lanes and Expression Maps, etc, etc.

It would be great to get Cubase Linux. A super stable, “finished”, bug free, Cubase Linux.

I would ditch Windows instantly, sort of not happy with its direction and lack of reduced engineering version of the OS. They’ve become more like Apple.

I think a Linux version would attract people from other DAWs, be it Logic or PT or S1.

Publicity wise, it would bring a spotlight to Cubase/Steinberg in the tech world.

Linux can be tweaked and optimized for Cubase, we could pretty much make a “Cubase OS”, and aim for NASA mission critical stability instead of having to deal with Apple and Windows constant f*&^ery.

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I’ve been asking for this since the demise of XP: Cubase for Linux